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"If you go to Jamaica and stay in a hotel not owned by Jamaican... 

You've not been to Jamaica!"

We offer you the opportunity to visit real Jamaica.




Our Vision


For many, Jamaica is the home they do not yet know.

Stay at properties that we have personally vetted, in some cases invested in and upgraded. 

Our driver will collect you from the airport and ensure your needs are met throughout your stay. He will give you a mobile phone with a local SIM so you can keep in touch with him and make local calls.

Our driver will also be your tour guide, personal security and on call as much or as little as you require.

A local cook can be arranged to prepare authentic food right there in your kitchen.

Trust me you will not want to leave!

You will be safe and made to feel welcome by the community you choose to stay in.

We do all the ground work so you can have peace of mind and 'full-joy' your vacation. 



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