R2-D2 lives in Peckham

He was built in my kitchen and is now ready for his adventures as he carries an important message for an important someone




Droids need to be very careful of Jawa's as they will sell there parts quicker than you can say 'Tatooine has two sun's'


There have been sightings in SE15

Building R2 would not of been possible without the droid building community of:

www.Astromech.net and Astromech.info


Bottom line is you cannot buy a kit and people do not build droids to order, the builders club exists by virtue of Lucas Films and Disney allowing fan's to build replicas for their own personal use. 


Anyone can join the R2D2 Builders Club and anyone can build thier own droid, it can take several years to complete and it will cost several thousand pounds.

In dire circumstances droids have been sold, they sold for between 5 and 10 thousand dollars


My build took a year and a few grand, it is mainly aluminium and eventually will be 100% aluminium.


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Parts list:
Material - Steel
Outer feet shells
Material - Aluminum
Holo Projectors
Front vents
Outer ankles
Centre ankle
Ankle cylinders
Booster covers
Shoulder details
Ankle details
Ankle braclets
Coin slots
Coin returns
Side vents
Pocket vents
Horse shoes
Octagon Ports
Power Couplers
Material - Resin
Utility Arms
Half Moons
Large Data Port

R2D2 had a very special message for a young lady,

He finally found her in Greenwich Park, London.

Everything on this droid except his feet has been changed, upgraded for good behaviour and battles won!